MWR Life

MWR Life is a global Direct Selling company that is changing the way the world travels! Our exclusive partnership with the Travel Advantage booking platform enables us to offer the best prices, selection and service to our members from around the world. We also offer a lucrative home-based business opportunity with a mission to empower people worldwide to achieve financial independence and Make their Wishes Real!



Yoni Ashurov

President and CEO

Yoni immigrated with his family to Canada at a young age. After graduating at the top of his class from Canada's premier business institution, York University's Schulich school of business, he worked two years in investment banking, advising publicly traded companies on equity, debt and M&A transactions. "it was a terrific learning experience. Business school is great, but it doesn't come close to the real deal. I learned more in my first month on the job than I did in all four years of college," he reveals. Read more...

Eric Aubin

Vice President, Europe

Coming from a "multi-recidivist" entrepreneurs family, Eric experienced at an early age the challenges related to entrepreneurship. Sportsman, he joined at the age of 18 the French National Team for sailing. He followed the initial training but had to make his first difficult decision in life: a sports career or an university degree. He chose the latter created his first company during the second year attending Business School. He confronts the realities of being an entrepreneur, independent, facing challenges and the need to have a clear vision to never deviate from his goals. The competition he experiences in the field is strong, and drawing his path as a young entrepreneur in a competitive market is a challenge that he remembers. Read more...

Nick Rodriguez

Vice President, Technology

Nick was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. At a very early age, he started to develop his passion for technology and science, deciding to learn electronic circuit design. His passion would eventually flow into computer science, where he graduated as a Computer Engineer and is an award winning and certified technology professional. He states, "Being part of the team of MWR Life with all the innovation and passion with which the whole company operates, is the most rewarding working experience I have ever felt." He is driven to work hard every day to contribute to MWR Life becoming the global leader in Network Marketing.

Nuno Cação

Vice President, Strategy

Nuno Cação was born in Portugal, and after dedicating his youth to sport, he worked in Software development for several years, before becoming involved in Direct Sales. That's where I built his future, with more than 10 years of experience and developing teams with thousands of members around the world. It was this same passion that created the desire to contribute to the success of MWR Life, working day after day to develop the business and provide opportunities for all ambassadors to have the best tools to achieve their goals.

Ilian Evtimov

Vice President Field Development

Ilian is an ex-professional basketball player, who played in major leagues in France, Italy, Germany and Spain winning titles. When he retired, he shifted his focus to business and found MWR Life as his new home. Developing international teams, he has established himself as a main reference in the field. Ilian is the Vice-President of Field Development, focusing on the international expansion and helping new markets to develop. He has a bachelor degree in Communications and a Masters in Parks Recreation and Tourism.

Patricia Piriz

Vice President, Operations

Patricia was born in Uruguay, and immigrated to the U.S. when she was eleven years old. Patricia has worked in many different branches of the Customer Service world for over 10 years, from the gastronomic industry, travel and hospitality and to the field of direct sales currently. She speaks English and is also fluent in Spanish, and French and she is looking forward to start learning a fourth language soon.

Dan Feldorean

Creative Manager

Dan first met Graphic Design in High School and they have been together ever since. Before joining the MWR Life team, he gained 10 years of experience working as a graphic designer in different industries ranging from telecommunications to media and advertising. When he’s not working, he spends time learning about new technologies and listening to electronic music. He’s also passionate about classic cars and industrial design.

Danielle Terpko

Vice President, Communications

Danielle is from Pompano Beach, Florida and attended East Carolina University on an athletic scholarship. She graduated with a bachelors degree in Marketing. Prior to joining The MWR Life Corporate Team, Danielle spent over 5 years in the PR industry managing all aspects of marketing from Social Media to budgeting. When not pursuing her career she enjoys traveling to new places and exploring her home state of Florida. Some of her hobbies include off-roading, fishing, tennis and paddle boarding.